My Research

You’ll find details of my current and past research projects, and research students here. Have a look through.

Regional Music Research Group

The RMRG (Regional Music Research Group) comprises myself, Professor Andy Bennett and Dr Natalie Lewandowski. We seek to understand the roles of music scenes in regional and remote areas. Our initial data comprises 41 interviews undertaken in central and central western Queensland.

For more information about this initiative, please download the info sheet below.

Music and tourism has long fascinated me.

For starters, I’m a jazz and popular musician and that often means working with tourism. The trouble is tourism and music are actually quite bad at working with each other. The tourism operators have (often) limited experience of music, and don’t want to move outside that experience. (How many times have I been asked to play ACDC on a piano gig?!) Musicians, on the other hand, resent the commodification of their art. (Howard Becker wrote of this behavior in the 60s.) This is the nexus of my research.

I’ve played in hotels and bars for many years, and spent four years from 2004 as a musician on cruise ships. My PhD was an ethnography of musical performance on cruise ships. Since then I’m gradually broadened this to the construction of culture (specifically music-culture) within tourism (with a focus on post-tourism and the cruise industry).

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The horn section of the Queen Mary 2

The horn section of the Queen Mary 2

Music Festivals on Cruise Ship

This research project, which was undertaken betweenFebruary and May 2015, investigated the growing phenomenon of music festivals on cruise ships as tourist and cultural projects. You can read more about the project here.

Popular Music in Delhi

This research project, undertaken with the assistance of the School of Arts and Social Sciences at Southern Cross University, was undertaken between August and December of 2013. The research was promoted in SCU’s magazine, Discover SCU.

Music on Cruise Ships

This was my doctoral research undertaken between 2010 and 2012. My dissertation can be downloaded here, and you’ll find publications arising from this research in my list of publications.

John McKeering (MA, Principal Supervisor)
Transnationalism and international work for musicians.
(Associate Supervisor, Dr Ashley Holmes)

David Shergold (MA, Principle Supervisor)
Two ANZAC Song Cycles: A Setting of the Poetry of Frank E. Westbrook
(Associate Supervisor: Dr Brett McKern)

Marie-Cecile Henderson (PhD, Associate Supervisor)
How does singing self-efficacy affect the timbre of the voice?
(Principle Supervisor: Professor Alison Elliott)

Phil Bohun, 2017.
PhD. Principal Supervisor. Central Queensland University.
Voices in Unison: The Role of Music Education in Victorian Independent Secondary Schools. Central Queensland University.

Jason de Wilde, 2015.
Master of Music. Principal Supervisor. Australian Institute of Music.
Undergraduate Audio Engineering: Bridging the Gap Between Applicant and Industry.

Claire Crosby, 2014.
Master of Music. Principal Supervisor. Australian Institute of Music.
Creating a Memorable Performance: A Case Study of Prince’s Welcome 2 Australia Tour.

Michael Henry, 2010.
Master of Music. Principal Supervisor. Australian Institute of Music.
Sugar, Sugar: The Growth and Impact of Cartoon Bubblegum Pop Bands 1965-1972. Australian Institute of Music.